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Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic (8/10) - Australia - 2000

Genre: Avantgarde / Gothic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 44:41
Band homepage: Virgin Black


  1. Opera de Romance
    I Stare
    II Embrace
  2. Walk Without Limbs
  3. Of Your Beauty
  4. Drink The Midnight Hymn
  5. Museum Of Iscariot
    I Stagnation
    II Death
    III Procession
  6. Lamenting Kiss
  7. Weep For Me
  8. I Sleep With The Emperor
  9. A Poet's Tears Of Porcellan
Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic
To describe this album is not an easy job for sure. You could go the easy way and just put it into the Gothic-category. VIRGIN BLACK do belong there, but still they are worlds apart from all the other acts I know. Gregorian chants are combined with electronic sounds, paired with doomy guitars, some Black Metallic shrieking just as well as these strange SAVIOUR MACHINE-like vocals.

You see, you won't get too far from what I write here. This band just is that original and for sure isn't very accessible, but for that they sound extremely interesting! Let's just say that VIRGIN BLACK play dark Avantgarde-Gothic, OK?

So who likes the slightly different and also accepts rather weird bands, should try to get this CD. It will be officially be out soon, I just don't know yet, when and where, so keep your eyes open!

Ralf Henn

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