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Naglfar - Vittra (9/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Black Metal
Label: War Music
Playing time: 46:17
Band homepage: Naglfar


  1. As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night
  2. Enslave The Astral Fortress
  3. Through The Midnight Spheres
  4. The Eclipse Of Infernal Storms
  5. Emerging From Her Weepings
  6. Failing Wings
  7. Vittra
  8. Sunless Dawn
  9. Exalted Above Thrones
Naglfar - Vittra
Three words can easily sum up this album really quick for you - work of art.

In true NAGLFAR-fashion, "Vittra" captivates the soul, and leaves no earthly stone unturned in the process. Beautifully composed passages run throughout it's darkened manuscript, balanced excellently by overthrowing-torrents, and crisp, sharp execution. With the employment of several different musical approaches, NAGLFAR prove that variety, character, and performance are all key to the status, and respect they have come to earn.

The production on "Vittra" is some of the greatest work I've yet to bear witness to march out of the Abyss. Peter Tägtgren sees NAGLFAR beheld as truly fearful, yet not so great as to overshadow the message, and atmosphere of the album. Battery (courtesy of Matte Holmgren) takes its proper throne in the foreground among the stringed players, and not a single thrust is miscast. Ever dominating are the atrocitistic vocal storms provided by Jens Rydén, and backed by Mr. Olivius, lords of all that dare stand in defiance of their reign. Of course, expect nothing less exceptional from the team of "Mad" Morgan and A. Nilsson, who destroy onlookers in a razor-wind of 6-string destruction!

An album of this calibre comes along far too few and in between for anyone to pass on an opportunity of owning a copy (not to fear - a reissue lies in the near future). If nothing more, you'll be able to lay claim to one of Black Metal's greatest achievements. But, for those learned in the ways, you'll find only bliss and endless satisfaction in every spin given to this artifact.

…the ship of doom has risen her sails!

Carl Wood

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