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Anathema - Judgement (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 1999

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 56:58
Band homepage: Anathema


  1. Deep
  2. Pitiless
  3. Forgotten Hopes
  4. Make It Right (F.F.S.)
  5. One Last Goodbye
  6. Parisienne Moonlight
  7. Judgement
  8. Don't Look Too Far
  9. Emotional Winter
  10. Wings Of God
  11. Anyone, Anywhere
  12. 2000 & Gone
Anathema - Judgement

I got into this band when "Eternity" came out, and ever since I heard it I sought out all their albums. They're pretty much the modern Metal-equivalent of a PINK FLOYD, and I can swear that I hear at least a dozen direct FLOYD-rip-offs per ANATHEMA-album.

Regardless, they have their own distinct sound, and I enjoy all their albums. This one is no exception. Songs like opener "Deep", "Forgotten Hopes", "Make It Right (F.F.S.)", and the dreamy ballad "Parisienne Moonlight" are all just great, old fashioned, well-written tunes, still with the darkness/despair-aspect that the band is known for (especially lyrically) which still keeps them in the "Metal"-category in my book.

Vocalist Vincent Cavanaugh has truly come into his own on the last two ANATHEMA-albums, as his vocals were shaky and often horribly out-of-key on "Eternity". Now he exudes confidence and makes the overall listening experience much more enjoyable. This is not their best effort in my opinion, I have fairly lofty standards for such a gifted band, but anyone into the more Rock-sensible side of Heavy Metal's appeal ala latter-day AMORPHIS/SENTENCED and the like will certainly dig on this album.

Gabriel Gose

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