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17 tablatures for Pestilence

Pestilence - Malleus Maleficarum + Demos (7,5/10) - Netherlands - 1988

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Displeased Records
Playing time: 70:57
Band homepage: -


  1. Malleus Maleficarum / Antropomorphia
  2. Parricide
  3. Subordinate To The Domination
  4. Extreme Unction
  5. Commandments
  6. Chemo Therapy
  7. Bacterial Surgery
  8. Cycle Of Existence
  9. Osculum Infame
  10. Systematic Instruction
    Demo 1 "Infected" 1986
  11. Against The Innocent
  12. Delirial Live
  13. Traitors Gate
    Demo 2 "Dysentery" 1987
  14. Thorn Of Death
  15. Before The...
  16. Affectation
  17. Fight The Plague
Pestilence - Malleus Maleficarum + Demos
Metallic HAILS to Displeased Records for reissuing this album for us PESTILENCE-fans, complete with seven songs from the days of their infancy (before their plague was unleashed...MUHAHAHAHA!). This is standard, classic Thrash/Death Metal that bands like DEATH and POSSESSED played back in the day, but with the PESTILENCE-feel.

Songs like opener "Antropomorphia" and the sickeningly fast "Extreme Unction" feature Martin Van Drunen's nearly comedic vocal delivery, which somehow grows on you the more you listen. He sings nearly every song at the same pace that Tom Araya barely pulled off on "Necrophobic", but in a scratchy, hoarse, more death-y manner. That, along with the choppy riffs and frantic drumming, creates the unique vibe that only PESTILENCE could create.

The demo-tracks are barely even audible and sound like they were recorded with an old cassette recorder, but they're by the band "Pestilence", so I'm cool with it. The more you listen, the more you feel like you're being devoured by insects and vermin, which, when listening to Death Metal, is a good thing...

Gabriel Gose

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