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49 tablatures for Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa - Sangre De Reyes (9/10) - Spain - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 47:36
Band homepage: Tierra Santa


  1. David Y El Gigante
  2. La Ciudad Secreta
  3. Pegaso
  4. Juana De Arco
  5. La Sombra De La Bestia
  6. Dos Vidas
  7. La Armada Invencible
  8. El Laberinto Del Minotauro
  9. El Amor De Mi Vida
  10. Mi Tierra
  11. Sangre De Reyes
Tierra Santa - Sangre De Reyes
Incredible! All friends of the best Spanish band don't even have to read on, but you can order the album at once. Maybe you can even get it directly from your dealer? No, I don't talk about drugs here, but the new CD could very well get one. It's in the heaviest rotation of my player for days now!

What has changed to the last one? Nothing. TIERRA SANTA have not moved an inch off their style so far. The MAIDEN-influences are everywhere, but the song-writing is even catchier! All ten songs plus intro are hymns for eternity! They just won't let me go again! Madness! I don't want to and cannot exalt any single title, all are highlights! And with "La Armada Invencible" they even have written the fastest TIERRA SANTA-song ever. With brilliant vocals and a killer chorus! Singer Angel is a true vocal-god! We already knew that before, but now he has reached his zenith. Can hardly get any better. The most unusual song is "El Laberinto Del Minotauro", which flirts with the keyboard-melody of BON JOVI's "Runaway" and is the most commercial track of the band. But this killer-chorus, brilliant.

There will be some people, who'll complain about this or that, but fuck 'em, I'm in a state of euphoria and proud of it! The new TIERRA SANTA is supermegabrilliant and rules absolutely! Death-threats and marriage-proposals please to my address! Ole!

Ralf Henn

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