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Alastis - Unity (9/10) - Switzerland - 2001

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 46:59
Band homepage: Alastis


  1. The Right To Die
  2. The Elect
  3. The Sign
  4. Another God
  5. Who Created The Gods?
  6. Ghastly Fancies
  7. Existence
  8. Antidote
  9. To The Root Of Evil
  10. ...And Death Smiled
Alastis - Unity
Ever since their debut "The Just Law" and even more since "...And Death Smiled", Swiss ALASTIS always stood in the shadow of SAMAEL, most probably because they had some musical similarities back then. While Vorphalack and co. have drifted off into more industrialised fields, ALASTIS have stayed true to their style and refined it so much that "Unity" has gotten a very cohesive effort.

The chosen categorisation of Dark Metal hits the famous nail on the head, heavy guitars meet atmospheric keyboards, often slow- to mid-paced rhythms and War D.'s characteristic deathy vocals. In most cases everybody claims that the latest effort of a band is its best (no matter how close to the truth that may be), but "Unity" is it without any doubt.

The five guys from the French-speaking part of Switzerland have found their style, which shows in the very dense and well arranged songs like "The Right To Die", "The Sign", the short an crunchy "Existence" and the outstanding "Another God".

And if you take the incredible cover-artwork, then all I can say about "Unity" is: BUY IT!!!

Alexander Melzer

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