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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - SLAYER - Reign In Blood

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Slayer - Reign In Blood (10/10) - USA - 1986

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: American Recordings
Playing time: 29:04
Band homepage: Slayer


  1. Angel Of Death
  2. Piece By Piece
  3. Necrophobic
  4. Altar Of Sacrifice
  5. Jesus Saves
  6. Criminally Insane
  7. Reborn
  8. Epidemic
  9. Postmortem
  10. Raining Blood
Slayer - Reign In Blood
For real Thrash Metal-fans "Reign In Blood" is something like the Holy Grail. The ultimate Thrash -album. What SLAYER are celebrating on their third longplayer is just plainly incredible. The guitar-duo Hannemann/King has assembled some of the heaviest and coolest riffs of all time on this album. And then still add the masterly drumming of Dave Lombardo and the brutal vocals of Tom Araya.

The first song "Angel Of Death" is all over you, devastating everything in its way. The almost five-minute inferno is one of the SLAYER-megahits. With its lyrics the guys created quite a stir, no wonder, as they deal with the KZ-"doctor" Dr. Mengele. But you all know the story.

Bullet no. 2 is bearing the name "Piece By Piece" and is another ultra-brutal neckbreaker. In not even two minutes the band is thrashing through this thunderstorm of riffs, just plainly brilliant. The same applies for the following, even shorter eruption of hate "Necrophobic". That Mr. Araya doesn't yell his lungs out is a miracle. The then following three-pack of "Altar Of Sacrifice" (fast speed-hammer), "Jesus Saves" (grooving blasphemy) and "Criminally Insane" (stomper before the Dark Lord) are like a hit to the face. But not with the fist, but with the wrecking ball. Who has survived the riff-massacre until here should better re-check the seat-belts! "Reborn" and the brilliant "Epidemic" are reaping any possible victims, merciless and in hyperspeed, here even Black and Death Metallers will get wet pants.

With "Postmortem" the Kings of Thrash then get at it a bit slower and groovier, the only song that leaves you a little air to breathe, even though that alone is hard already with these riffs. Well, and if that had not already been enough, there still is the second megahit of the band: "Raining Blood". The horned one has to have written this song by himself. An incredibly dark inferno that can hardly be surpassed in brilliant furiosity and well-placed breaks. An truly crowning close to a masterpiece!

"Reign In Blood" really is one of the best Thrash-albums of all time, if not the best. SLAYER have truly booked their place on the Thrash-throne with this one. The songs all are great and despite all brutality and ferocity really catchy. Who knows SLAYER knows, too, that they are not really friends of melodic solos, but who cares? The sound of the album also is very good and somehow has a very special atmosphere that is slowly choking the last breath from your lungs. What else should I write about this killer-albums? It is just immortal, the legacy for all maniacs. SLAYER rules!!!

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Patrick Weiler

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