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Agathodaimon - Chapter III (8,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 42:48
Band homepage: Agathodaimon


  1. An Angel's Funeral
  2. Spirit Soldier
  3. Paradise Beyond
  4. The Ending Of Our Yesterday
  5. Past Shadows
  6. Yesterday's Reprise
  7. Departure
  8. Sacred Divinity
  9. Burden Of Time
Agathodaimon - Chapter III
German AGATHODAIMON offer us their, surprisingly, third album with "Chapter III" and manifest their status as one of the best German Black Metal-bands quite impressively. After their debut "Blacken The Angel" has really hit home with me, so I had been a little disappointed by their second album "Higher Art Of Rebellion", especially in the sound-department.

That one has turned out to be a plus and the compositions also sound rounder and more mature than ever and almost reach the debut. AGATHODAIMON from their very beginning had dedicated themselves to the atmospheric and melodic version, yet without forgetting the heaviness and also "Chapter III" is a collection of very varied and catchy songs.

Aggression and thundering guitars can be found as well as warm melodies with a certain Gothic-touch, driving rhythms meet almost balladesque sounds ("Sacred Divinity" is somewhat a Black Metal-ballad), harsh croaks are supported by a very nice clear voice, it all resulting in very hymnic compositions, which don't have to shy the comparison with the international competition.

Listen to songs like "Paradise Beyond", "The Ending Of Our Yesterday", "Past Shadows" and "Sacred Divinity" and hear for yourself that AGATHODAIMON might very well be the best that Germany has to offer in this style...

Alexander Melzer

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