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Manticora - Darkness With Tales To Tell (8,5/10) - Denmark - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 61:38
Band homepage: Manticora


  1. From Far Beyond
  2. The Chance Of Dying In A Dream
  3. Dynasty Of Fear
  4. Dragon's Mist
  5. Felice
  6. The Nightfall War
  7. The Puzzle
  8. Critical Mass
  9. Lost Souls
  10. The Twilight Shadow
  11. Shadows With Tales To Tell
Manticora - Darkness With Tales To Tell
A really good one! Basically it goes into the typical Melodic-Speed-direction like thousands of other acts, too, but still they differ through good ideas, well-placed breaks and quite original lead-vocals!

The vox are not so polished and smooth, like we got used to from the Italian fraction, I'd even call them quite characteristic. In the beginning I didn't really dig 'em, but the more often I listen to the CD, the better I like them.

MANTICORA are Danish and are not only fast, but also have a faible for epic pieces. All songs are excellently played, very well produced and don't have those happy melodies! This album really convinced me and therefore an interview has to follow! Soon playing in this theatre...

Ralf Henn

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