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Agathodaimon - Blacken The Angel (9/10) - Germany - 1998

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 60:56
Band homepage: Agathodaimon


  1. Tristetea Vehementa
  2. Banner Of Blasphemy
  3. Near Dark
  4. Ill Of An Imaginary Guilt
  5. Die Nacht des Unwesens
  6. Contemplation Song
  7. Sfintit Cu Roua Suferintii
  8. Stingher / Alone
  9. After Dark
  10. Ribbons / Requiem
Agathodaimon - Blacken The Angel
After their last demo "Carpe Noctem" had caused quite a stir in the underground, 1998 finally saw the release of the AGATHODAIMON-debut "Blacken The Angel".

Black Metal is the genre of choice of the Germans, but by far not the archaic variant, but quite the contrary, a very atmospheric and melodic one, yet without forgetting heavy guitars, harsh vocals and also high speed-eruptions (especially "Die Nacht des Unwesens"). The atmosphere is created by the clever use of keyboards and nicely warm melodies, another important factor in the sound of AGATHODAIMON.

Of the ten songs three have a playing time of more than seven minutes, "Near Dark" even clocks in at 15:37 minutes. Within the songs variety is the key, they never indulge in countless repetitions or the same tempo throughout a track, but vary both heaviness, intensity and speed to bring very interesting dynamics into the tracks, which make "Blacken The Angel" one of the best debuts of this style.

The hymnic character of many compositions receives a very original touch by the use of many Romanian lyrics, the foreign sound of this language makes the whole thing even more interesting. "Tristetea Vehementa", "Banner Of Blasphemy", the already mentioned long "Near Dark" and "Stingher / Alone" should serve as valid proof to make every genre-fan's (and those who want to become one) mouth water.

For sure a very strong debut, which is of a calibre that you cannot find often within the Melodic/Atmospheric Black Metal-genre until today!

Alexander Melzer

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