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Left Hand Solution - Light Shines Black (9/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Massproduktion
Playing time: 41:32
Band homepage: Left Hand Solution


  1. Light Shines Black
  2. Soiled Souls
  3. Missionary Man
  4. Lucid Dream Desire
  5. The Crooked Smile
  6. Raven Wings
  7. Vision
  8. Persistence Of Memory
  9. Heart Laid Bare
  10. Orient Nights
  11. A Road To Nowhere
Left Hand Solution - Light Shines Black
Their debut "Fevered" could be categorised in the field between Gothic and Doom Metal and also with "Light Shines Black" this could be named as basic foundation.

Still the Swedes of LEFT HAND SOLUTION show themselves strongly matured and vary tempo, atmosphere and heaviness only to the best. As big asset you also have to name the very appealing, powerful and a bit deeper toned voice of front-girl Mariana Holmberg (who also is a sight for sore eyes for sure). She leaves her mark on the compositions, making them unmistakably LEFT HAND SOLUTION.

In the beginning I had no real opinion on this album, but after listening to it for a few times in a row, it started to grow more and more until I couldn't get those melodies out of my head again! "Light Shines Black", "Missionary Man", "Lucid Dream Desire", "The Crooked Smile" (which's riff unmistakably is BLACK SABBATH-esque), "Persistence Of Memory" and the slow-paced "Orient Nights", they all sound different, yet all have the same haunting atmosphere and great mixture from melody and catchiness...

A colleague had described them as "perfect combination of TYPE O NEGATIVE and THE GATHERING." I can only recommend to everybody, who feels appealed by all of the above - get this record!

Alexander Melzer

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