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Hypocrite - Edge Of Existence (6/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: No Fashion Records
Playing time: 48:23
Band homepage: -


  1. Vita Dolorosa
  2. Deep Within This Flower Of Sin
  3. Edge Of Existence
  4. The Scream...
  5. Voices From The Dark Side
  6. Heaven's Tears
  7. A Black Wound
  8. When I'm Gone
  9. Sanctuary Of The Sleeping God
  10. Welcome To Abaddon
  11. Forsaken By Christ
  12. Beyond The Edge
Hypocrite - Edge Of Existence
Standard, Average, Mediocrity. Those are attributes that come to my mind while listening to the re-release of the HYPOCRITE-debut "Edge Of Existence". After their last album had received good reviews, I had been looking forward to what the Swedes would offer me, but it's no revelation for sure.

Melodic Death Metal is what they have written onto their banners and Melodic Death Metal is what you will get. Not more, not less. Yet my point of criticism is that you neither get extraordinary melodies nor anything special in the vocal department. No real weaknesses, but nothing strong either... Just the short "A Black Wound" with its clean guitars and vocals makes you listen up.

Genre-fans will get a solid slab of Metal, but nothing outstanding...

Alexander Melzer

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