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Lilitu - The Earth Gods (10/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Emerald Factory
Playing time: 47:33
Band homepage: Lilitu


  1. Introduction/The Seventh Aeon
  2. Firmament
  3. To Burn Before The Sun
  4. Dead Yesterday
  5. Rise And Fall
  6. The Earth We Shall Inherit
  7. The Earth Gods
Lilitu - The Earth Gods

Perfection. I don't think such a word should ever be used to describe anything since we all have a different perspective of what is "perfect", we all have a varied definition of the concept of "perfection". Everything is so relative anyway. God. God is, in the mind of a Christian seen through the eye of an atheist, a being of perfection. To become perfect would then be some kind of godliness, as if you had reached the same state as Him. Throughout his life, the human will try to reach God and through salvation, he may think he has achieved that goal. But somehow, I think this is all wrong. I don't believe in God and I don't believe in perfection, but I do believe that the closest thing to it is the quest for flawlessness. LILITU has begun that journey and captured its challenges and victories on "The Earth Gods" and for some reason, I'm starting to feel as if they had almost done it, as if they had become... perfect...

Forgive the structure of my introduction, but I really had to let the music flow on this one. Out of nowhere this band has sprung in my life, taking me hostage of its unique style. An immensely intelligent blend of Black Metal with such symphonic and melodic leads along with fiery Death-barks or clean godly [lapsus] voices, this band will certainly turn many heads and deserves all the attention it can get. They call themselves "Dark Wave Metal", but I am bored with all those Metal-sub-sub-sub-genres and so let's just say there are very few bands that sound like them, OK?

Pianos and synths flow into scene as acoustic guitars swim on mirror-like waters only to be swept away by ferocious electric axes and pounding drums. The whole experience could be compared to an elegant theatre-act. As the characters come and go to express their hatred, their pain and their anguish, you can't help but grow attached to them and feel sad when they leave the stage. The story unfolds before you in a fury of intricate notes and images as you sit there, mute from all the sudden changes of emotion triggered by the infinite breaks and musical somersaults.

The guitars are never too loud and never spoil the atmosphere by taking too much space. Each instrument has a defined role and takes full advantage of its reserved place. The drumming is simple yet so effective and the vocals... AH! The vocals cannot be described, they must be heard- no...- they must be lived and experienced! The keyboards will often take the lead and bring the song to a higher level, they aren't only used as filling or as rhythm-inducers, they will sometimes be the spine of the song and sometimes they will be the heart. The bass play is just as exquisite.

The only downside that could be found by some on this record is the desperate feelings it brings into the heart of the listener. After my first listening, I felt like dropping dead on the floor and laying there until someone picked up my remains only to dispose of them. Each melody sent [and still does] me deep into thoughts and brought back sad and bitter memories. At first I was scared and depressed, but now it feels welcome, because I had never really been this involved in a CD before. If you are weak of heart, or if you like to feel all warm and cozy inside, don't come any closer to "The Earth Gods", but if you like change and wish to see how emotionally strong you are, you will find in this gem an unbelievable amount of talent and wisdom which will manipulate your feelings and tear away your sanity. It is a powerful release indeed.

Mathieu Bibeau

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