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Dispatched - Motherwar (9/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 47:15
Band homepage: Dispatched


  1. Intro
  2. Motherwar
  3. To Sleep You Go
  4. She's Lost
  5. Down
  6. Templar
  7. The Final Countdown
  8. Silver Waves
  9. Dispatched
Dispatched - Motherwar
Man, you read something about a Sweden-Death-band named DISPATCHED and think that it could be something worth checking out. Months later you discover it in the "special-offers"-section of a CD-shop for next to no money and you get it. Then you put it into the player - and my feet almost made contact with my jaw that dropped almost all the way down!

After the intro, which has Beethovens "Ode To Joy" in e-guitar in it, the title-track "Motherwar" is a prime example for highly melodious Death Metal with some underlying keyboards, fast, heavy, brilliant! And when suddenly a guitar-lead in the middle takes on some Mozart, this ode to joy is perfect!

But with that DISPATCHED have not shot their load (no, Wes, not what you're thinking again, heh), but continue to excel with melodic, but still heavy (despite the keyboards) songs, which should bring every Melodic Death Metal-connoisseur to the brink of crying with joy!

Songs like the fast "To Sleep You Go" and "Down", the mid-tempo-monsters "She's Lost" or "Silver Waves" or das highly atmospheric masterpiece "Templar" are not the most original stuff that this scene has spawned, but among the best. And then we still have the more than 14-minute-epos "Dispatched", which computes almost all possible facets of Melodic Death, and the hilarious Melo-Death-version of the EUROPE-classic "The Final Countdown", a bit faster, a bit heavier and with the Death-vox... Great!

So, you shouldn't expect any big innovations, just great, varied and well arranged Melodic Death Metal. A shame that so few people have taken notice of this band so far - change that!

Alexander Melzer

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