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Hall Aflame - Guaranteed Forever (8,5/10) - USA - 1991

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: I.R.S.
Playing time: 54:35
Band homepage: -


  1. Shake The Pain
  2. Child Of Medicine
  3. The Money
  4. Cold Wind
  5. No How, No Way
  6. Feed The Fire
  7. One Time Winner
  8. Pirate's Life
  9. Pray To God
  10. Slippin' Through My Fingers
  11. Another Heartbeat
  12. Country Angel
Hall Aflame - Guaranteed Forever
Who knows Kurdt Vanderhoof? Yes? Guitarist of METAL CHURCH? Exactly. Then who knows HALL AFLAME? Nobody? Thought so... HALL AFLAME had been a side-project (or a new band?) of Kurdt, which released the album "Guaranteed Forever" in 1991.

Yet who expects Power Metal or something like that is wrong, because if I had to explain HALL AFLAME with one word, then it would be: earthy. The music is so "down to earth" that whilst listening to it you almost have the feeling of your nose ploughing through the mould.

Quite simple, heavy Rock with some (few) bluesy undertones, rough vocals and a lot of feeling is the recipe that is performed with excellence. Here are no technical show-offs or complexities, the key to success is that the rhythms don't bother to remain in your brain for too long, but directly affect your feet, your neck or whatever else.

Check out "Child Of Medicine", "Feed The Fire" or "Another Heartbeat" and you'll hear what this album is all about. I know only few albums better suited for a long drive with the car!

Alexander Melzer

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