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Mystic Circle - The Great Beast (7/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 43:13
Band homepage: Mystic Circle


  1. Hellish Maniacs
  2. Hate
  3. The Great Beast
  4. Lucifer's Angel
  5. Spirits In Black
  6. Eyes Of Horror
  7. Whore Babylon
  8. Lost In The Garden Of Eden
  9. And Evil We Shall Die
Mystic Circle - The Great Beast
One of the most successful German extreme-bands are MYSTIC CIRCLE. Musically they have written harsh Black Metal onto their banners and their first long-player "Morgenröte" also went off like a rocket, at least sales-wise. I personally had been fairly disappointed, because I like their old demos better. The reason mainly had been the goofy drum-computer-sound of that CD. After that followed "Drachenblut", a real classic, the Lay of the Nibelungs made Black Metal. Great one!

The next album, "Infernal Satanic Verses", has been even more successful and was pretty much in the style of DIMMU BORGIR. Really good and also selling very well. That was when Massacre Records turned their attention to them and eventually signed them! So far so good! The very exaggerated image of the band, which had crossed the border into ridiculousness with the last album, also made the band many enemies! Therefore they want to reduced those effects and just power on. Wise decision...

Now on to the new album, which has been titled "The Great Beast". A slight change of course can be detected, the songs are much slower and less rough, the riffs are more into a traditional Metal-direction and the vocals are quite close to Death Metal. What has stayed the same is the devilish atmosphere within the songs and the many keyboards! Who principally dislikes synth-sounds in Metal should not even think about this album. I personally must say that I liked the two previous albums far better, because they had been more thrilling.

The best song "Lucifer's Angel" is really brilliant, but the rest is flowing by me. Riffs and drums are OK, but don't catch fire. A pity, I'd have hoped for far more! Unfortunately the switch of labels has made MYSTIC CIRCLE more commercial, but not more accessible. Old fans of the band won't give anything on my opinion anyway and if you listen for yourself you will get the best review...

Ralf Henn

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