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Oceans Of Sadness - For We Are (5/10) - Belgium - 2000

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: LSP Company
Playing time: 55:09
Band homepage: Oceans Of Sadness


  1. Intro
  2. For When You Sleep My Love
  3. Re-Erase
  4. A Dying Nightingale
  5. Again The Wolf Wins
  6. The Apocalypse
  7. When We Became One
  8. Oceans Of Sadness
  9. Your Faith
  10. Low
  11. Judas
Oceans Of Sadness - For We Are
A truly confident name that in the end leaves more to be desired than it fulfils. The Belgians play typical Gothic Metal with grunts, shrieks and clean vocals, as usual within this genre. The songs sound very doomy and extensive, the problem is just that it all sounds too confuse for me, even though there are some hypnotic moments.

The comparison with old TIAMAT is still very far-fetched, because they at least had accessible songs! And the serene sadness of MY DYING BRIDE is far beyond their grasp as well.

Genre-freaks most probably will view this completely differently and I could imagine that zines like ABLAZE or LEGACY will celebrate this album, just I won't believe what they are writing! Mediocre at best!

Ralf Henn

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