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Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down (8/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 50:39
Band homepage: Katatonia


  1. Dispossession
  2. Chrome
  3. We Must Bury You
  4. Teargas
  5. I Transpire
  6. Tonight's Music
  7. Clean Today
  8. The Future Of Speech
  9. Passing Bird
  10. Sweet Nurse
  11. Don't Tell A Soul
Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Not many bands like to get categorized, or better yet, limited to a category, so I shall try my best to comply. KATATONIA's music is like groove/melody-oriented Metal (or Hard Rock-ish) that sounds kind of sad, accompanied by a clean (and quite good) vocals. I don't think the band cares much about being called Metal or Rock, as long as they're referred to as "good music." This album is full of "good music."

The songs are slow to mid-paced with catchy choruses. Not many really stand out for me, except for "Chrome" and "The Future Of Speech." The first sounds like it could've been included in the album before this, "Tonight's Decision." Once the song gets thicker, you'll hear the lead guitar melody that was evident on the previous album. "The Future Of Speech" probably has the catchiest chorus, and I really like the scenic keyboard work near the middle. Not many songs stand out because the album is good throughout. All the songs are at even par and are consistently good, which makes for a solid album. I really like the sound of the drums. Not for its technicality, but how it fits and compliments the album and adds to the overall sound. It's clean and not lost in the mix.

The intro riff for "Clean Today" sort of reminds me of an OZZY song that I can't quite put my finger on. I immediately thought I've heard this riff before. Other than that, the only other blemish on the album is the third song, "We Must Bury You." It's this electronica-flavoured abomination. No matter how good Renkse's voice is, no one can make that song sound tolerable. Jonas Renkse's singing is a highlight for me. He's got a very good voice, and the way he sings the chorus on many of the songs leaves a mark. You'll hear his voice singing inside your head long after you've stopped listening. I also really like how he sings the word "can't" in "Passing Bird."

Even though I prefer "Tonight's Decision" over this one, it's still a good album and worth the money and time. (Online January 07, 2003)

Ryan Cariaso

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