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Susperia - Predominance (8,5/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash/Doom Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 45:11
Band homepage: Susperia


  1. Blood On My Hands
  2. I Am Pain
  3. Illusions Of Evil
  4. Journey Into Black
  5. Object Of Desire
  6. Of Hate We Breed
  7. Specimen
  8. The Coming Of A Darker Time
  9. The Hellchild
  10. Vainglory
Susperia - Predominance
The name is Cyrus, and he's the live guitarist from SATYRICON. He's gathered some friends from other bands, most notably, DIMMU BORGIR. They formed a band called SUSPERIA. The band plays melodic Black/Death Metal. A close resemblance to a groovier, less filtered, and more aggressive and guitar-oriented version of DIMMU BORGIR's "Spiritual Black Dimensions."

Minimal keyboards and straightforward guitar playing are the main difference between that album and "Predominance." Other than that comparison, this album is a fresh injection into the Norwegian Metal-scene, even though this sounds more like an album from Sweden rather than Norway. The music itself is pretty heavy, technical, and crafty. It's unexpected when you think of where the members originate. The vocals by Athera are excellent. Such versatility with the vocals. He's got growls, grunts, screeches, and clean all in one throat!

The most important feature of the album are the guitars. Simply amazing. Norwegians should learn to play guitar like this. Just listen to the lead melodies on the last song. Or better yet, take notice to ALL the lead guitar solos and you'll be hooked. The first two songs are good album openers as they'll get your attention right away. I like the way the music shifts from near chaotic to catchy and melodic, all made possible by the very decent production.

There is not a single boring moment in any of the songs. They're just intense and professional - no playing around, just clear-cut riff magic. An exceptional debut album! (Online October 29, 2002)

Ryan Cariaso

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