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Katatonia - Brave Murder Day (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1996

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Avantgarde Music
Playing time: 41:16
Band homepage: Katatonia


  1. Brave
  2. Murder
  3. Day
  4. Rainroom
  5. 12
  6. Endtime
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
Most probably the masterpiece of the Swedes of KATATONIA: "Brave Murder Day". No matter how often you listen to this album, you just cannot elude its unique atmosphere...

There are only few albums, which have this ultimate flow from the beginning until the end, like this one. What I once had written for SENTENCED, applies here as well: KATATONIA have the positive aura of a bloody razor-blade hanging from a noose. The whole basic atmosphere is sad and melancholic.

The guitar-lines often are repetitive, but just these repetitions give the songs like "Brave" their uniqueness, their intensity, without gliding off into uniformity. And when then "Day" suddenly is made up by clean vocals and clean guitars only, then it is just another facet of KATATONIA, which fits in seamlessly. The contrast between the melodious/melancholic guitars and the Death-vox and the sad, clean voices is, what marks this album with its very original stamp.

So if you are searching for the true KATATONIA, you will find them on "Brave Murder Day"!

Alexander Melzer

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