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Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1992

Genre: Progressive Doom Metal
Label: Edge
Playing time: 67:24
Band homepage: Veni Domine


  1. Face Of The Prosecutor
  2. King Of The Jews
  3. In The Day Of The Sentinel
  4. Wisdom Calls
  5. Armageddon
  6. O Great City
  7. The Chronicle Of The Seven Seals
Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall
After I had read a review of "Fall Babylon Fall", the debut of Swedish VENI DOMINE, back in 1992, it was clear that I had to have this CD. Only problem, where to get it from? After a long and arduous search I found it at a already folded mail-order and when I saw it for the first time, I almost dropped it again, because it was covered by another master-piece by none other than Rodney Matthews!

With trembling fingers I put the CD into the player and - only seven songs and more than 67 minutes playing time? And the last track "The Chronicle Of The Seven Seals" has 21:18 minutes playing time? Good Lord! But what awaited me then can barely be put into words.

A highly interesting and pretty unique mixture of Progressive and Doom Metal with a truly unique vocalist, who most probably is a love/hate-situation, came out of my speakers and I was completely lost to VENI DOMINE (even if not at first listen)! Despite the immense length of the songs the Swedes manage to still keep their composition accessible, something that is not standard in this genre.

To pick out single songs would not be fair and it isn't even possible, too many facets are covered by them... A true master-piece of progressive Metal!

Alexander Melzer

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