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Veni Domine - Material Sanctuary (9/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Progressive Doom Metal
Label: Thunderload
Playing time: 65:48
Band homepage: Veni Domine


  1. The Meeting
  2. Ecclesiastes
  3. Material Sanctuary
  4. Ritual Of The Sinner
  5. The Mass
  6. Behold The Signs
  7. Wrath Of The Lion
  8. Beyond The Doom
  9. Baroque Moderne
Veni Domine - Material Sanctuary
Two years since "Fall Babylon Fall" until VENI DOMINE returned, "Material Sanctuary" had been the title, again crowned by one of the awesome covers of Rodney Matthews.

Musically they haven't changed a lot, only the doomy element has put more emphasis on, so you could categorise the Swedes as Progressive Doom without second thought. But still the songs nor are so complex that you'd be in danger of knotting your brain, neither so accessible that you'll get lost from first listen, it takes a few rotations until you get into the VENI DOMINE-sound and Fredrik Ohlsson's voice still is a question of personal taste, you either love it or hate it, there isn't much space in-between, I admit it...

While songs like "Material Sanctuary" or "Ritual Of The Sinner" are more on the progressive side, "The Mass" is real doom with organ- and keyboard-support, like the grandfathers of Doom could not have performed better and as perfect mixture of both extremes we have "Behold The Signs", great!

Overall "Material Sanctuary" doesn't completely reach the extra-class of "Fall Babylon Fall", but still it is an album far above average and which each and every Progressive-fan should have in his/her collection!

Alexander Melzer

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