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Veni Domine - Spiritual Wasteland (7/10) - Sweden - 1997

Genre: Progressive Doom Metal
Label: Thunderload
Playing time: 61:22
Band homepage: Veni Domine


  1. Dawn Of Time
  2. Last Letter From Earth
  3. If I Fall Asleep
  4. Hysterical History
  5. Riddle Of Eternity
  6. The Tempel
  7. Someone's Knocking
  8. Silent Lamb
  9. 1:st Of Ten
  10. The Letter
Veni Domine - Spiritual Wasteland

They have not really changed much, but still they sound different than still on "Fall Babylon Fall" and "Material Sanctuary"... They definitely still are progressive, no doubt about that, but despite the often sluggish tempo they are not really sounding doomy anymore…for that we find more piano and acoustic guitars in the Swedes’ sound. Not that these elements had not been in their sound before, just not as much…


Now I have it, they have gotten more progressive, not as easily accessible anymore! That’s it, or not? And there are more and more dominant keyboards in there as well! Hah! You can’t fool me!


Ehm, where was I? Oh yes, "Spiritual Wasteland"... Well, as sorry as I am, the newly emphasized progressiveness unfortunately also disrupts the flow of the songs, which with all demand of the first two masterpieces still had galore. Now I do not want to imply at all that “Spiritual Wasteland” was a weak album, no, no, the musicians’ skills are still very high, but unfortunately VENI DOMINE hinder the listener’s entrance to the songs and have lost some of their special appeal, which had been to keep even the more complex compositions very accessible.


Well, Progressive Metal fans should still check out this album, they should love it still, I personally take a slightly disappointed step back…

Alexander Melzer

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