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Em Sinfonia - Intimate Portrait (6,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 56:12
Band homepage: Em Sinfonia


  1. Testimonial
  2. For Crimson Lust
  3. Estranged
  4. Lingering Dream
  5. Counting Shadows
  6. Intimate Portrait
  7. Insatiable
  8. Revelations
  9. Portal To An Emptiness
  10. Broken Promises
  11. True Believer
  12. Alone
Em Sinfonia - Intimate Portrait
Ah yes, a project of BROKEN HOPE-guitarist Brian Griffin... Oh no, not another one... But let's see what we have here. Hm, interesting cover, band-name EM SINFONIA, a woman on the microphone, cannot sound like BROKEN HOPE...

And it doesn't sound like BROKEN HOPE, because what is offered here lies somewhere between Gothic, Doom and Death Metal, with keyboards and a mixture of female vox (do not fear, no soprano) and Griffin's deeeeep voice. Oh, and here and there you'll also get some violin!

You really cannot complain about the musicianship and songs like "Testimonial" or "Counting Shadows" get over really good, but the sometimes pretty complex structures and the atmosphere just won't merge, but run alongside, not forming a union, the quite raw guitars are a little too much in the foreground and Griffin's grave-ghoul-voice doesn't exactly suit the atmosphere either (especially at the, apart from that, brilliant "Counting Shadows").

Oh, and who thinks that the title "Revelation" sounds somewhat reminiscent, yes, the creator is mentioned as Bruce Dickinson. How it does sound, you ask? Well, you'll get female vocals, a violin, a rawer guitar-sound, sounds good! Some might start to complain about lese-majesty, but I don't care, this is a true VERSION, transplanted into the own style!

So the potential is there, just the execution is not yet as you would hope it to be...

Alexander Melzer

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