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Wytchfynde - The Awakening (6,5/10) - Great Britain - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Demolition Records
Playing time: 56:37
Band homepage: Wytchfynde


  1. Hell Hath No Fury
  2. Death Of Innocence
  3. Vampyre's Tale
  4. Blessed Be
  5. To The Devil A Daughter
  6. The Awakening
  7. Unholy Shadows
  8. One Step Closer (To Hell)
  9. Unknown Soldier
  10. Ghost Dancer
  11. Arken Asylum
Wytchfynde - The Awakening
Hmph, another band returning, this time WYTCHFYNDE, formerly WITCHFYNDE, or rather their vocalist Luther Beltz under a new banner.

Even back then I didn't regard them as anything special, so I didn't have too high expectations on "The Awakening" and I have to say that it hasn't changed much for me. Metal in classical NWoBHM-style, deeply rooted in this era and somehow sounding a bit dusty. Now you can argue about if they sound traditional or old-fashioned, but they don't sound like all the other bands.

Sure, you cannot criticise the instrumental execution, but still, I haven't found any exciting songs, or rather I have, one, "Blessed Be", which convinces by its dark atmosphere. But despite this criticism, "The Awakening" is an absolutely solid album, which you can well listen to.

Still, as the scene still is nearing its point of implosion, it takes more to survive in the flood than what WYTCHFYNDE are offering us here...

Alexander Melzer

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