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Silent Force - The Empire Of Future (8/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 52:46
Band homepage: Silent Force


  1. The Beginning
  2. Live For The Day
  3. Empire Of Future
  4. Saints And Sinners
  5. Tell Me Why
  6. New Experiment
  7. Six Past The Hour
  8. Broken Wings
  9. We Must Remain
  10. I'll Be There
Silent Force - The Empire Of Future
Just like HELLOWEEN began GAMMA RAY, SINNER begat SILENT FORCE, an equal partner in European sophistication, led by departed axe master Alex Beyrodt, who surrounds himself with a classy thinking entourage of band members. SILENT FORCE rocks proudly with time-honoured tradition recalling SINNER, QUEENSRYCHE and GAMMA RAY. And speaking of QUEENSRYCHE, D.C.Cooper (ex-ROYAL HUNT) sends chills down my spine, similar to the commanding slice of Geoff Tate circa "Operation Mindcrime" and "The Warning", while the capable ones at his back crank something closer to inspired, speedy and spontaneous SAVATAGE.

"Empire" adds new spark, bite and combustion to the already clouded melodic Power Metal-field with such shredders as "Live For The Day", "Saints And Sinners" and personal fave "New Experiment". Still there is something lacking to the band's sound, it all seems at a little herky jerky, with its powerful smokers followed by mellow numbers that take forever to build.

Cool band nevertheless, not all that heavy to say, but mountains of thirsty power-riffs with which to speak their piece. Welcome Cooper and the boys into your home and give this record your undivided attention.

Peter Konstantatos

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