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Eidolon - Hallowed Apparition (9,5/10) - Canada - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 51:57
Band homepage: Eidolon


  1. De-Evolution
  2. Lords Of Desecration
  3. Forever Be Free
  4. Feed The Machine
  5. Forgotten City
  6. Prelude Into Fear
  7. Mind Alterations
  8. You Will Burn
  9. Hallowed Apparition
  10. Atomic Rage
Eidolon - Hallowed Apparition
Their last album "Nightmare World" didn't win me over, contrary to their first two indie-releases. So I didn't have too big expectations for "Hallowed Apparition" and just like with their third album, the Canadians again surprised me, but this time positively.

"De-Evolution" starts out the album with a neck-breaker of highest degree, an immense guitar-wall, driven by a compact rhythm-section, attacks you, super-heavy Power Metal, almost bordering on Thrash. "Lords Of Desecration" doesn't hold that high heaviness-level, but it's just as intensive and very heavy still. That they do not just straight-forward thunder is shown by "Forgotten City", which puts the melody into the foreground and the stomping title-track before "Atomic Rage" unleashes the powerful mid-tempo-double-bass again, closing the album in style.

Everything great? Not completely, because there is the point that already had soured the predecessor, Brian Soulard's vocals. I do not want to imply that they'd be weak, but compared to the music they lack the power that I would have imagined to suit it. They grow on you as time passes by, but still, its not the perfect fit, at least not for my ears...

Yet "Hallowed Apparition" is a full-force-onslaught of crunchy Canada-Power Metal, with a guitar-work that shadows most of what is crowding this genre.

Alexander Melzer

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