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Hades - DamNation (8/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 43:41
Band homepage: Hades


  1. Bloast
  2. Out The Window
  3. DamNation
  4. Absorbed
  5. Force Quit
  6. Stressfest
  7. Biocaust
  8. This I Know
  9. Momentary Clarity
  10. California Song
  11. Stop And Go
  12. Bad Vibrations
Hades - DamNation
Oh, oh, I see it coming, the guys will get some problems in their home-country... A burning US-flag is something they over there do not like to see...

But anyway, after the quite mediocre "The Downside" the American HADES present themselves in fine form again with "DamNation". Who had liked their guys beginnings should love this album, because you'll get the full pound again, songs like "Bloast" or "Biocaust" make your hair fly horizontally, the Thrash-hammer is in full swing here! But on the whole album they have all riff-guns blazing, "DamNation", "Absorbed", pure Power! And when you suddenly get a vintage BLACK SABBATH-riff in "California Song", the world is smiling for you...

Over it all Alan Tecchio once more proves that he is unique, but you can view that from either side, because his voice still is a love/hate-decision. I for my part can digest him in small to middle doses, but a full CD, honestly, is a little too much for my ears...

But still, no thrasher should pass by "DamNation"!

Alexander Melzer

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