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15 tablatures for Ulver

Ulver - Bergtatt (9,5/10) - Norway - 1994

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Head Not Found
Playing time: 34:19
Band homepage: Ulver


  1. I Troldskog Faren Vild
  2. Svelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need
  3. Graablick Blev Hun Vaer
  4. Een Stemme Locker
  5. Bergtatt - Ind I Fjeldkamrene
Ulver - Bergtatt
Being a Black Metal fan it was unusual that it's taken me so long to delve into the early offerings by ULVER who are often hailed as being one of the most original and talented bands to ever create music in the Black Metal genre. It was my recent obsession with AGALLOCH's latest album "The Mantle" which led me to seek this out as ULVER are always mentioned as being very influential on the AGALLOCH sound.

Needless to say from the very beginning I was extremely impressed. This is easily as good if not better than AGALLOCH themselves with such powerful emotions coming across through each section of the music. The beauty in the acoustic folk sections combined with the harsh sections and vocals perfect for each. Such amazing song progression and structure is really captivating. Definitely not something I can have as background music as this will instantly grab my full concentration for the complete running time, which sadly is the only fault I can find in the masterpiece. 34 mins is much too short.

Any fans of Black Metal, originality or bands in the vein of OPETH, AGALLOCH and NOVEMBRE should definitely give this disc a spin. (Online January 29, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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