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Gorgoroth - Destroyer (2/10) - Norway - 1998

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 37:07
Band homepage: Gorgoroth


  1. Destroyer >mp3
  2. Open The Gates
  3. The Devil, The Sinner And His Journey
  4. Om Kristen Og Jödisk Tru
  5. På Slagmark Langt Mot Nord
  6. Blodoffer
  7. The Virginhorn
Gorgoroth - Destroyer

Since their debut GORGOROTH had been a synonym for cold, ugly Black Metal, for which even a hint of a melody was regarded as treason.

Accordingly "Destroyer" was praised as a masterpiece by the fans, but I still do not understand, why. This album does not contain any compositional class, apparently they tried so hard to fill the songs up with nihilism and hatred, that they forgot that the listener wants something like a song, too...

Heaviness, brutality and hatred, OK, but at least I want to have some songs and structures also deserving their name around it. And GORGOROTH offer far too little in that department, almost nothing!

Alexander Melzer

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