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Waylander - Reawakening Pride Once Lost (7/10) - Ireland - 1996

Genre: Folk / Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 48:17
Band homepage: Waylander


  1. Sunrise
  2. Born To The Fight
  3. With Veins Afire
  4. Emain Macha
  5. Gaelic Dawn
  6. Once Upon An Era
  7. A Hero's Lament
  8. King Of The Fairies
  9. Keen Of Knowledge
  10. Victory Feast
  11. Awakening
Waylander - Reawakening Pride Once Lost

Folk Black Metal from Ireland. In tradition of such brilliant bands like CRUACHAN and PRIMORDIAL are WAYLANDER, who released their debut "Reawakening Pride Once Lost" in 1998.

Roughly comparable to them, yet still sounding different, they are combining melodic Black Metal with Irish Folk, which not only becomes evident in the melodies, but especially in the often used flute. Vocally they are completely Black Metal, very aggressive, sometimes really crass, on the one hand forming the opposition to the music, yet on the other hand not exactly fitting it. Compared to the debuts of CRUACHAN ("Tuatha Na Gael") and PRIMORDIAL ("Imrama") the production has turned out a whole lot better.

Unfortunately WAYLANDER cannot keep the high level of songs like "Born To The Fight", the very varied "With Veins Afire" or the brilliant "King Of The Fairies" over the whole album, a few weaknesses have found their way onto this record. But "King Of The Fairies" is a song that you shouldn't pass by unnoticed, straight Folk Metal with flute, instrumental at first, then with almost choir-vocals, which could just as well have been used by the Celts on their way to a battle all those centuries ago!

Original for sure, like most bands from the green island, yet too unstable in its quality yet.

Alexander Melzer

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