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Dorian Gray - It's Your Day (7/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Headless
Playing time: 52:04
Band homepage: Dorian Gray


  1. Out Of Comedy
  2. Not Your Fault
  3. Timetripper
  4. It's Your Day
  5. To The Moon And Back
  6. Mother's Hand
  7. Yesterday Or Tomorrow
  8. Frei
  9. At The End Of Your Days
  10. Over'N Done
  11. Sensitive Balance
  12. Tricks Of The Nation
Dorian Gray - It's Your Day
You could call them seasoned veterans already, the guys of DORIAN GRAY, "It's Your Day" already being their fourth album and they have stuck to their once chosen path of Melodic Rock.

The compositions clearly show that they have not been created by greenhorns, the arrangements are fluid, experiencedly performed. The keyboards form a carpet for the songs, but without pushing into the foreground, the guitars have a nice sound to them, only the vocals don't always sound 100-pro, but the perception of that depends heavily on the respective listener.

Altogether unspectacular, but experienced and expertly executed Melodic Rock that shouldn't disappoint genre-fans.

Alexander Melzer

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