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Penumbra - Emanate (6,5/10) - France - 1999

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Serenades
Playing time: 48:32
Band homepage: Penumbra


  1. Intro
  2. Lycanthrope
  3. New Scaring Senses
  4. Bloody Experience
  5. Falling Into My Soul
  6. Underwaterdream
  7. Doppleganger
  8. Turn Them Off
Penumbra - Emanate
Gothic Metal with partly quite harsh vocals and two sopranos can be heard on the debut of the French newcomers PENUMBRA.

Well, it is a quite form of Metal, inhabited by many bands already, bands with very different quality and approach. So what do PENUMBRA throw into the ring to prevail?

OK, on the positive side you definitely have to mention the strong classical influences and fluent compositions. An oboe along with electric guitars cannot be found often, especially not that harmonically. Classical structures are embedded into varied and intelligent arrangements, which feature either the necessary heaviness or emanate an emotional warmth.

Unfortunately PENUMBRA lack the big moments, which may help them to star in the sea of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY-/NIGHTWISH-/TRISTANIA-epigones. Also the fact that the voices of the two sopranos are very unspectacular hinder the depths of the compositions to be fully unfolded.

All in all a long-player, which showcases a decent beginning for this band, yet it lacks those flashes of brilliance that make one look up and listen more attentively. One can sense the potential within this band, but if the market and scene gives PENUMBRA the time to develop their strengths consequently remains to be seen.

Alexander Melzer

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