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Sepultura - Arise (9,5/10) - Brazil - 1991

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 42:33
Band homepage: Sepultura


  1. Arise
  2. Dead Embryonic Cells
  3. Desperate Cry
  4. Murder
  5. Subtraction
  6. Altered State
  7. Under Siege (Renum Irae)
  8. Meaningless Movements
  9. Infected Voice
  10. Orgasmatron (Bonustrack auf Re-release)
Sepultura - Arise
After the pretty good "Beneath The Remains" album, the Brasilians of SEPULTURA matched it with their 1991 "Arise".

Who listens to Thrash orgies like "Dead Embryonic Cells" or "Murder" knows, that this must probably be the best album of the band history. "Arise" surpasses "Beneath The Remains" generally by the better sound. While the guitars on "Beneath..." had been a bit thin, those on "Arise" thunder like an express. The band delivers one Thrash hit on another, even SLAYER have to respect this. But SEPULTURA can more than just thrashing! With the bonustrack respectively cover version "Orgasmatron" (only on the re-release), the guys do homage to MOTÖRHEAD and prove, that they can decently rock. Singer Max sounds just mangily and wild. His barking an screaming suits perfectly to the riffing thunder. The rhythm section has strongly improved and lays down a pretty hard foundation. SEPULTURA have generally improved their playing compared with their previous records. Another reason why his album bangs so much. One can say, that there's absolutely no weak nor feeble track on "Arise". The album hits you for the whole time.

Today you can absolutely claim, that "Arise" belongs to the best Thrash Metal records of the 90s and that it has also it's place in the eternal charts. Unfortunately the band was never able to match this album. They recorded stong followers, that's not deniable. But which "Sepulsong" can compete with neckwreckers like "Desperate Cry" or all the others?

It's your own fault, if you haven't "Arise" in your collection. All get their pleasure with "Arise", who love Old School Thrash. Believe me, SEPULTURA's "Arise" is hard as a shot of soccer star Ronaldo. So destroy your ears with this classic!

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Patrick Weiler

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