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Entwine - Gone (8/10) - Finland - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:05
Band homepage: Entwine


  1. Losing The Ground
  2. Snow White Suicide
  3. Closer (My Love)
  4. New Dawn
  5. Grace
  6. Silence Is Killing Me
  7. Thru The Darkness
  8. Blood Of Your Soul
Entwine - Gone
The debut of the Finns, "The Treasures Within Hearts" has been a fairly decent Dark/Gothic-album, which had its weakness in the unusual vocal-style. With the follow-up "Gone" they have taken on that problem and got them a new vocalist in Mika Tauriainen, who has a far more homogenous voice.

Musically this album lists into the direction of HIM, but is far better in the compositions. ENTWINE have delivered a potential hit-record, because all of the eight songs just hit twelve. Poppy melodies meet doomy guitars and are emotionally electrifying. They already have stormed the charts in Finland and even though no second Nille Phallo (Thank God!) is among them, they should have their share of success in Germany as well. Who, like myself, is turned off by the HIM-tendencies in the beginning, will be convinced after the third rotation latest. This album almost is infectious!

Especially the closing "Thru The Darkness" and "Blood Of Your Soul" show ENTWINE's more complex side, but they never get complicated. The songs are just more epic and are a great contrast to the other rather super-catchy pieces.

Ralf Henn

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