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Hanker - Snakes And Ladders (9/10) - Canada - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Disk
Playing time: 53:08
Band homepage: Hanker


  1. Ad Padres
  2. >mp3
  3. The Pardoner
  4. >mp3
  5. Hail To You
  6. >mp3
  7. Seven
  8. Save Your Life
  9. Confidence Man
  10. >mp3
  11. Far From The Cradle
  12. >mp3
  13. On The Verge Of Tears
  14. Fool's Paradise
  15. The Eternal Struggle
  16. Behind The Curtain
Hanker - Snakes And Ladders
Mechanically perfect upon its unleashing, "Snakes And Ladders" had actually been recorded in late 1999 and shopped around for a deal for a while until it was picked up by fledgling new Canadian label Metal Disk. This album is a kick-ass chunk of polished steel that reminds you of the wonderful 80's Metal-scene.

Power Metal, but more in lust with the idea of metallic glory than anything squarely medieval, chugging through black and silver like combat zone JUDAS PRIEST, HEAVY LOAD and anyone else who focused their sound on Metal for Metal's sake. "Snakes And Ladders" is all about quality and dirty ass delivery, songs are straight from the burner, no slow progressive stuff, just pure "pedal to the Metal" power deliveries, with smoking guitars, vocal overload and operatic reverence. The bass is also up front in the mix, nice and jumpy, just the way I like it.

Production also reminds you of the 80's with a sort of garage-sound that works wonders (don't worry everything is clear) for the image the band is striving for. This is the third release from these Canadians Metalheads and their prior recording are just as good. After the smoke clears, "Snakes and Ladders" is simply a kick-ass record (no better term for it) that will hold up over the years.

Peter Konstantatos

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