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Gorefest - False (8,5/10) - Netherlands - 1993

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 46:12
Band homepage: Gorefest


  1. The Glorious Dead
  2. State Of Mind
  3. Reality - When You Die
  4. Get - A - Life
  5. False
  6. Second Face
  7. Infamous Existence
  8. From Ignorance To Oblivion
  9. The Mass Insanity
Gorefest - False
Oh, how sad the story of GOREFEST is. Here we have a band at the top of their game, playing Death Metal of the highest calibre. Opener "The Glorious Dead" is pure Death Metal-glory! Fast, precise, and intense. GOREFEST were sorely overlooked in my opinion. This was before they started heading down the fatal path of Blues-Death (while I still liked their next album "Erase" a lot). This is essential Death Metal that should not be missed...

For the most part, "False" consists of groovy, midpaced-to-extremely-fast Death Metal with some very intricate melodies and harmonized riffing from Boudewijn Bonebakker and Frank Harthoorn, especially on the title-track, which contains some very chilling tri-tones. The vocals are perfectly muddled, but somewhat decipherable, and there are some very emotive, memorable leads on display as well. All of the ingredients are in place here.

Just listen to Ed Warby's incredible drumming on this one! He is one of those drummers who really makes a band. Groovy, chopsy when need be, and MUSICAL! Not just a beat-maker, but a full-on melodic entity. Check out the title track for one example, but he simply shines throughout! He certainly deserves special note in this review...

GOREFEST would later go down in flames with their last album "Chapter 13". One could see that the end was near, as they didn't even sound CLOSE to their name's implications, nor did they contain a HINT of their original sound. On "False", however, they sound heavy, extreme, and GOLDEN! I recommend this album highly to anyone who is an avid Death Metal-collector, or to any self-respecting Death Metal-drummer (this is essential for you especially!).

Gabriel Gose

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