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Suffocation - Despise The Sun (9/10) - USA - 1998

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Vulture
Playing time: 16:34
Band homepage: Suffocation


  1. Funeral Inception
  2. Devoid Of Truth
  3. Despise The Sun
  4. Bloodchurn
  5. Catatonia
Suffocation - Despise The Sun
I may be committing sacrilege by saying this, but I think the band is at their all-time BEST on "Despise The Sun"! I await the death-threats with open arms, because I've heard all of the SUFFOCATION-albums, and I stand by my claim. My main reason for saying this is that here they are finally equipped with a drummer, who can handle the unrelenting brutality of their music with EASE. It is none other than Dave Culross, and he adds a new dimension to their sound that was absent on all their other albums.

I still love the classic "Human Waste"-EP, and I certainly still think that the guitar-playing on "Effigy Of The Forgotten" has never been matched, but musically, SUFFOCATION definitely goes out on top here (they would disband shortly after the tour in support of this album).

Opener "Funeral Inception" is the standout cut on the album, with, in my humble opinion, Scott Burns' best production ever. Every instrument can be heard clearly, and it still retains SUFFO's trademark brutality in the riffing. While they slow things down a bit, and the leads are pretty much gone, this makes for a much more cohesive and mature album as a whole. Throw in some unbelievably powerful blasting from Culross and it actually turns the brutality level UP a couple of notches.

They also throw in a re-make of the classic "Catatonia" from the "Human Waste"-EP, and it is much heavier than the original. The only lead on the album is present here, and it'll surely take you back to the good old days when leads were still cool in Death Metal. And OH MY, the blasting in this song is to DIE for! Listen to the playing at the 2:40 mark with a towel handy, cause you just might find yourself doing the dirty deed.

Gabriel Gose

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