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Swanö, Dan - Moontower (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 43:46
Band homepage: Swanö, Dan


  1. Sun Of The Night
  2. Patchworks
  3. Uncreation
  4. Add Reality
  5. Creating Illusions
  6. The Big Sleep
  7. Encounterparts
  8. In Empty Phrases
Swanö, Dan - Moontower
Truly a gift to music this man is! He is in possession of something we mortals would give our souls for: the gift of song. He is simply incapable of writing bad music, no matter which musical medium he chooses. Here he has chosen Progressive Metal with brutal Death-vocals. Of course, he can go melodic with his vocals at the drop of a hat, but here it is mostly brutality to go with the ethereal music. He plays every single instrument on the album: drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, everything. Is there anything he DOESN'T play well? I would like to calm my own nerves by hearing him play the banjo or something, and hear him NOT play it like he was friggin' BORN to play it! DAMNIT! Show us you're HUMAN, Mr. Swanö!!!

Well, my personal jealousy aside, there is, of course, brilliant, involving song-writing to take in here. Opener "Sun Of The Night" is Swanö at his best. He shows that he is a very accomplished drummer, playing some very intricate fills and grooves. The keyboards have a progressive tone in the vein of RUSH/DREAM THEATER, and the guitars swirl around them perfectly. Of special note is "Uncreation", a timeless work of genius, where the keyboards take the front seat, while the guitars mostly provide the atmosphere. They then trade roles in the guitar solo section, where Swanö flashes his genius with a 7/8-guitar-melody that will bring tears of joy to your eyes, no matter how tough you think you are!

"Add Reality" is another tour-de-force of godliness, with chords in the verses that just scream "REPEAT ME!", which Swanö thankfully does several times, and the end of the song has His Swanöness' melodic singing over a beautiful piano-passage. If his voice sounded any more effortless, he wouldn't be singing at all!!! These are moments in music that I live to hear...

If you are looking for something to fill the void of depression the latest AMORPHIS has left in you, get "Moontower" and be forever graced with pure delight. You may find yourself giggling like a little schoolgirl when you hear it, but don't worry, this is perfectly normal (my suggestion: repeat to yourself, over and over, "YOU ARE NOT A FREAK!")...

Gabriel Gose

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