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Anathema - Alternative 4 (9/10) - Great Britain - 1998

Genre: Doom Metal / Alternative Rock
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 44:58
Band homepage: Anathema


  1. Shroud Of False
  2. Fragile Dreams
  3. Empty
  4. Lost Control
  5. Re-Connect
  6. Inner Silence
  7. Alternative 4
  8. Regret
  9. Feel
  10. Destiny
Anathema - Alternative 4

When you've given up all hope for life itself, then bygolly, this is your soundtrack! Put in some "Alternative 4" and somehow things become a little less "bad" altogether. This is as desperate, melancholic, and overtly SAD as it gets. ANATHEMA are, simply put, masters of the melancholy (I heard that somewhere - sorry - had to use it). There is a quality about their music that is timeless, in the PINK FLOYD-sense. Something, that cannot be put into words, which affects you on a deep, emotional level. Many bands TRY to obtain this quality through their music, but ANATHEMA just seem to innately "have it". They don't even have to try, it comes through effortlessly, as though it were meant to be this way...

This is perhaps the most "minimalistic" of all the ANATHEMA-albums. On "Eternity", the band had a lot more "things" going on: gorgeous, eye-catching cover art, lots of different synth-tones, guitar-feedback, solos, etc. Here, however, they have opted for the "less-is-more" approach, even down to the plain, white cover-art, and especially the lyrics. The results are simply astounding! Opener "Shroud Of False" pretty much sets the mood for the entire album, with only a piano and a voice. This marks the DRAMATIC improvement of Vincent Cavanaugh's voice. It is perfectly in-tune here, seamless and smooth, like a...nevermind...

Standout tracks include "Empty", the beautiful ballad "Lost Control", "Inner Silence", the dark, emotive title track, "Regret", hell every song but track five (a throwaway in my opinion). This is their most consistently enjoyable album to date. They pull it all off with the greatest of ease. It just doesn't get much more moody than this. So if you find yourself reaching for the gun, listen to this first and you may just decide "ehhh, maybe tomorrow", because somehow, albums like these tend to have a "sedative" quality to them. Listen and ye shall see...

Gabriel Gose

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