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Wolfen - Don't Trust The White (8,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Playing time: 61:59
Band homepage: Wolfen


  1. Beyond The Surface
  2. Burn In Hell
  3. Wolfen
  4. Terror
  5. The Unexpected
  6. Sound Crucifiction
  7. Under The Blue Sky
  8. The Great Day Of His Wraith
  9. 2006
  10. Caught In The Trap
  11. The Last Judgement
Wolfen - Don't Trust The White
Damn well has to be one of my top five favourite debut-CDs of all time. Hearing this moments after the crappy new SEPULTURA, my faith was once again restored in the world of Metal. This heavy-as-nails-album is a cross between old SEPULTURA and Metal-gods ICED EARTH, with their own sound thrown in. The band taking the Thrash sound to new plateaus with its Power- and Hardcore-edge.

You better be sitting down when you pop this baby into your CD-player, because it's just about the heaviest Power Metal-band in existence. These guys know Metal, know which cracks remain unfilled, adding crunch at just the right moment in songs. Each song is a beast with galloping guitars (just like Schaffer's), cymbal-bashing mayhem, and a clear production. Of special mention is Andreas Von Lipinski's vocals, which is definitely BARLOWish (ICED EARTH - again), except for the fact that he adds a Hardcore-ish scream at times.

Andreas is one of the best new singers I have heard in a long time, you've got to check this guy out. The only weakness of the band is the fact that they are not that original, most of the songs sound a little alike. Also, another cool aspect of the album are that the lyrics deal with the destruction of the Native American race by the forefathers of America. (Something history books always seem to fail to mention).

If I were you, I would hurry up over to my local record-shop and snatch this bad boy up. If you like ICED EARTH, you are gonna love this CD (Wes? - Alex).

Peter Konstantatos

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