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Pagan's Mind - Infinity Divine (7,5/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Face Front
Playing time: 68:09
Band homepage: Pagan's Mind


  1. Prelude To Paganism
  2. Caught In A Dream
  3. Infinity Divine
  4. Embracing Fear
  5. Astral Projection
  6. Twilight Arise
  7. Dawning Of The Nemesis
  8. King's Quest
  9. Angel Serenity
  10. Moonlight Pact
  11. A New Beginning
Pagan's Mind - Infinity Divine
Fans of TAD MOROSE, CONCEPTION, and old FATES WARNING rejoice for your new favourite band, Norway's PAGAN'S MIND. Although PAGAN'S MIND is not on the same level as those other few bands at this moment, they are well on their way. This debut-album from these castle-rockers should have a hit German record if it was not for its weak distribution outside of Norway.

The band plays a technical Power Metal-style that's quite heavy (ala TAD MOROSE), with a top notch-production and cool keys to give songs some atmosphere. "Infinity Divine" is a concept-album based on paganism (I'm not too sure myself on the story behind the songs). Nils K. Rue's vocals are definitely Metal in the classical sense, and the guitars shred like their is no tomorrow. There is no less then seventy different riffs on this album. Each song is close to or over five minutes long and contains six or seven different structures before tracks end. I have to admit that is also the problem with this album, the band never allowing you to really get into a song. The unrelenting cramming of riff after different riff (rifferama-disease) is a little too much for my weak ears. This album could have been written while on drugs, but cannot be played while drugged. But all in all a great release from a new leader in Power Prog.

If thinking man's Metal is your thing, then this is the next CD you need in your collection. I'll give it a 7.5, but will be closer to a 9 for any Progressive Metal-freak.

Peter Konstantatos

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