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ADX - Weird Visions (9/10) - France - 1991

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 47:23
Band homepage: -


  1. Weird Visions
  2. King Of Pain
  3. Lost Generations
  4. Sacrifice In The Ice
  5. Mystical Warfare
  6. Fortunetelling
  7. Behind The Mirror
  8. Sign Of The Times
  9. Trouble
  10. Invasion
  11. Kill The King
ADX - Weird Visions
Yeah baby yeah, I could eat this stuff up day after day. I have to honest with you all, I'm a sucker for 80's Speed Metal and ADX more then satisfies all my cravings. ADX was a band that should be compared to EXODUS, actually there is no difference between those guys and ADX. "Weird Visions" could be considered the long lost EXODUS-album. These French purveyors of speed released seven albums during their twelve-year career and never got the recognition they deserved. This is the only album they released on a major label. If you are old enough to remember when METALLICA was a Metal-band, then you have to read on about this long lost masterpiece.

"Weird Visions" has a crystal clear production-job that is great even by today's standards. ADX have a solid forward thinking record doing what only a few bands and themselves could do best. The album features eleven tracks, all of the ten originals are pure in your face Metal-anthems, no whimpy ballads, no pansy progressive tracks, just ten songs of the youth of the world gone wild. The last song "Kill The King"is a DIO-classic that has been covered by just about every band in Metal. Lead-throat "Phil" is a dead ringer for Steve Souza, he has the same draino strained set of pipes and knows how to use them.

The 80's Thrash Metal-sound is a long lost art that no new band could even come close to accomplishing today. After hearing this CD for the hundredth time I have to stand back and applaud this slice of my Metal-days of old. Far and away France's greatest Metal-import is unfortunately destined to rule the used CD-bins for all eternity.

Peter Konstantatos

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