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Depressive Age - First Depression (9/10) - Germany - 1992

Genre: Thrash Metal
Playing time: 44:52
Band homepage: -


  1. Awaits
  2. Beyond Illusions
  3. The Light
  4. No Risk
  5. Autumn Tears
  6. Transition
  7. Innocent In Detention
  8. Never Be Blind
  9. Circles Colour Red
Depressive Age - First Depression
"First Depression" is the debut-CD of the German Progressive Thrash Metalheads DEPRESSIVE AGE. This is where it all starts for the band of insane whack-jobs. A band so different from anything else on the face of this earth, so mentally out there, it's beyond words. The sound of DEPRESSIVE AGE is like nothing you could categorize, it's a sound only these zany scientists could pull off and sound great doing it.

First let me start out by saying that each song has the heaviest riffing one could imagine outside of it being brutal Death. The guitarist-tandem of Jochen Klemp and Ingo Grigoleit blast out these sixteen wheeler size riffs and destroy everything in its path, and I do mean everything. I guess at times they remind me of DARKANE, same type of wacky songs written with no care of standard song-arrangements. Their patented stop-and-go-riffs spark and fire relentlessly, while offering a sort of jazzy undercurrent. Everything is fueled together by the drumming of Norbert Drescher, who is the heart and soul of the edgy, highly innovative sound.

Harris Johns does a great production-job, meshing this madness together to give it a real feel, anything less then his steel-and-guts-mix would of have worked. And then there is singer Jan Lubitzki, who cannot be compared to anyone. His vocals consist of weird high pitched whining, yelping and rambling on like a lunatic, definitely the most unique you will ever hear in our wonderful world of Metal.

You need this CD just to hear him, he's really on a level all by himself. One of the most creative Metal-disks you will ever see. A highly enjoyable listen!

Peter Konstantatos

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