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Stratovarius - Intermission (-/10) - Finland - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 67:26
Band homepage: Stratovarius


  1. Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace?
  2. Falling Into Fantasy
  3. The Curtains Are Falling
  4. Requiem
  5. Bloodstone
  6. Kill The King
  7. I Surrender (Live)
  8. Keep The Flame
  9. Why Are We Here?
  10. What Can I Say
  11. Dream With Me
  12. When The Night Meets The Day
  13. It's A Mystery
  14. Cold Winter Nights
  15. Hunting High & Low (Live)
Stratovarius - Intermission
Before taking a lengthy recording-break, the Finnish/German/Swedish quintet of STRATOVARIUS presents us with "Intermission", a release that should please all fans.

First of all there are four completely new pieces: "Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace?", a catchy mid-tempo-tune, "Falling Into Fantasy", quite slow-paced and very catchy, too, "The Courtains Are Falling", a swift STRATO-cracker (which I prefer from the band anyway) and the very calm instrumental "Requiem".

Next on the menu we have three cover-versions, of which "Bloodstone" (JUDAS PRIEST) and "Kill The King" (DIO) already had been featured on tribute-albums, while the live-version of Russ Ballard's "I Surrender" is a fresh one. The rest is some more extra-ear-candy for the fans, because you'll get several bonus-tracks that had been used for Japanese, French and don't-know-where-else versions, a song of a single, "It's A Mystery", and a live-version of "Hunting High & Low".

As usual I do not hand out any rating, because it's nothing completely new, but for fans it's absolutely worth it. Yet that, of course, also depends on the price that this album will be sold at...

Alexander Melzer

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