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Dark Tranquillity - Of Chaos And Eternal Night (8,5/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 19:49
Band homepage: Dark Tranquillity


  1. Of Chaos And Eternal Night
  2. With The Flaming Shades Of Fall
  3. Away, Delight, Away
  4. Alone
Dark Tranquillity - Of Chaos And Eternal Night
"Of Chaos And Eternal Night" had been the first release without Anders Fridén, who then joined IN FLAMES and also the first one on which former guitarist Mikael Stanne took over the microphone, after previously singing on the IN FLAMES-debut...

Who now has lost the overlook, it doesn't matter, because this four-tracker is DARK TRANQUILLITY at their best! You'll get everything that you could hope for, that you would expect from the Göteborg-boys, typical fast Melodic Death with awesome melodies ("Of Chaos And Eternal Night"), rather slow-paced Metal with Stanne's characteristic voice ("With The Flaming Shades Of Fall"), the absolutely brilliant "Away, Delight, Away" (most probably my absolute DT-favourite with a not-from-this-earth guitar-lead, great dynamics and powering double-bass) and a new version of "Alone" from the debut, re-mixed with freshly recorded vocals, almost balladesque, only the vocals are typically DT.

You might argue about the sense and non-sense of such releases, but as long as the quality is as great as here, I'm all for them! Who claims to be a fan of the Göteborg-style HAS to have this one. Period!

Alexander Melzer

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