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26 tablatures for Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam (7/10) - Greece - 1995

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Unisound
Playing time: 48:04
Band homepage: Rotting Christ


  1. The Fifth Illusion
  2. Wolfera The Chacal
  3. Non Serviam
  4. Morallity Of A Dark Age
  5. Where Mortals Have No Pride
  6. Fethroesforia (Instrumental)
  7. Mephesis Of Black Crystal
  8. Ice Shaped God
  9. Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
Rotting Christ - Non Serviam
On "Non Serviam", ROTTING CHRIST continue their ever-evolving and ever-changing sound. And from this point of view, it seems they are moving in the right direction. More melody is introduced into the overall sound. Along with this melody comes an increase in atmosphere, almost adding a majestic feel to the album, a definite plus, in my opinion. The music has slowed down a bit from previous releases, often adding welcomed catchy hooks. Also, Necromayhem's (Sakis) vocals have improved greatly, adding much more volume to his voice. Song-writing has improved as well, with many memorable songs like "Non Serviam" (still one of my all-time favourite ROTTING CHRIST-songs), "Morallity Of A Dark Age", and the opener "The Fifth Illusion".

My greatest peeve with this release is the same thing I find wrong with all early ROTTING CHRIST-releases. Production. The production is just bad. Sure, there's a slight improvement from past releases, but it's still not very good. I know they preferred the raw sound back then, but this album would have been so much better with crunchier guitars, fuller-sounding drums, and some really kick-ass clear atmospheric keyboards. I just love to be attacked by audial brilliance!

A worthy release by these Black-Metallers. Still a great listen, even today!

Joshua Drover

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