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Haunted, The - The Haunted Made Me Do It (9/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 31:11
Band homepage: Haunted, The


  1. Dark Intentions
  2. Bury Your Dead
  3. Trespass
  4. Leech
  5. Hollow Ground
  6. Revelation
  7. The World Burns
  8. Human Debris
  9. Silencer
  10. Under The Surface
  11. Victim Iced
Haunted, The - The Haunted Made Me Do It
This is what many Thrash Metal-fans had waited for for so long and here it finally is. I am talking about the new THE HAUNTED-album, which bears the slightly strange title of "The Haunted Made Me Do It". After the killer-debut "The Haunted" at least I had asked myself, if the Swedes could top off this future classic or at least an equal successor.

The first sounds of the intro "Dark Intentions" just have to remind you of SLAYER. You hear from the very beginning who had been the role-models of THE HAUNTED. The 1,5-minute-long instrumental piece is clearing the way through your ears and really gives an appetite for the first real song. With "Bury Your Dead" they are going straight for your throat, the song attacks you at a tremendous speed. The vocals of Marco Aro are not really SLAYER-ish, but rather remind me of DISSECTION or IN FLAMES, but the guy really's got it going. His voice just adds a lot of aggression to the songs. The following "Trespass" even sees another increase of speed and are handing out the first highlight of the album. Some might think now that all THE HAUNTED are capable of is fast thrashing, but that is wrong. The band also incorporates some very accessible melodies into their songs. And that is a feature that just adds so much to "Trespass". The song is lightning-fast at the beginning, but mostly towards the end excels in some heavy, but cool melodies. The riffs are just brilliant, just the right stuff to bang off your head. The next one is the mid-tempo-cracker "Leech". Superheavy, mean riff, double-bass-thunder and a deeply growling Marco Aro. Yet another great song, which reminds me a little of SLAYER in their "Divine Intervention"-era towards the end.

With "Hollow Ground" they continue pretty varied, the song is more complex and Aro sings a little cleaner and more variable. A really cool song that let's you catch a little breath. After the short and hefty "Revelation" now "The World Burns" is thundering through the speakers. Here they again start out super fast and with great riffs, but in the middle the song suddenly turns calmer and groovier. Really great riff indeed. "The World Burns" should become a fan-favourite, no doubt about. Following this we have the two songs of "Human Debris" and "Silencer". Both tracks give you the whole shred-fest and convince by good melodies and again strong guitar-work. Especially "Silencer" excels with its groovier and more varied parts in the middle and we also get a good solo (many of the other songs are rather SLAYER-like).

The next-to-last song of the album, "Under the Surface", again features Mr Aro with clean vocals, the song itself is varied and towards the end very doomy, could almost be a MORBID ANGEL-track. "Victim Iced" then sets a speedy close to a super-heavy and highly refreshing album.v The production of "The Haunted Made Me Do It", in my ears, is fabulous. All instruments have their place and sound very powerful. Only the vocals should have been mixed a little cleaner, but I guess that they had wanted it to be that way.

So to round things off I can only say that THE HAUNTED have delivered a very strong and brutal album. They could not top their debut, but "The Haunted Made Me Do It" for sure is equal. Who likes heavy Thrash or also Death Metal just has to check out THE HAUNTED. Razor-sharp riffs and great double-bass-thunder can be found galore on this killer. I can guarantee you a ultra-heavy and fast all-out-attack. The album stands under the banner "No fillers, just killers". After this album you can send your neck into retirement. So risk an ear and I hope that you've got a good insurance!

Check-out-tips: "Trespass", "The World Burns"

Patrick Weiler

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