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Threshold - Hypothetical (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 2001

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 59:35
Band homepage: Threshold


  1. Light And Space
  2. Turn On Tune In
  3. The Ravages Of Time
  4. Sheltering Sky
  5. Oceanbound
  6. Long Way Home
  7. Keep My Head
  8. Narcissus
  9. Life Flow (Acoustic-Bonus-Track)
Threshold - Hypothetical
A killer! The Britons of THRESHOLD always had stood for highest Progressive Metal-quality, but "Hypothetical" almost surpasses even their phenomenal debut "Wounded Land."

The sextet sounds heavier than ever before, the super-heavy, double-bass-driven beginning of "The Ravages Of Time" or the thundering guitars of "Long Way Home" are proof enough that contrary to many comparable bands they are leaning more towards the heavier side than to growing "maturisms", like reduced heaviness often is glossed over.

Vocalist Mac has most definitely found his place in the band's texture, his rougher voice positively differing from the other Prog Metal-singers, as with SARGANT FURY he again provides us with a more than convincing performance, just like the rest of the band also gives us a very tight delivery, everything sounds very harmonic.

What I still have to mention here is the brilliant production of Karl Groom and Richard West and the fantastic artwork of Thomas Ewerhard.

THRESHOLD have created a new milestone of the genre with "Hypothetical", which will serve as reference for all future Progressive Metal-releases!

Alexander Melzer

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