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Antithesis - Dying For Life (9/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Nightmare
Playing time: 61:53
Band homepage: -


  1. Soul Of Ice
  2. Consequences
  3. Deceiver Within
  4. Distanced
  5. Times Of Trial
  6. Mad Poet
  7. Politicide
  8. Dying For Life
  9. Netherworld
Antithesis - Dying For Life
A mix between the mosh-ethic of ANTHRAX, the innovation of METALLICA and the deadly speed of SLAYER, "Dying For Life" is the second effort from ANTITHESIS, the United States White Metal-Thrash-band. Hot technical Metal, power edge production (amazing in this department), cutting edge soloing and piercing sharpshooter riffs spell high quality on this opus.

Classics include "Deceiver Within" and the anti-government "Politicide". Really has a freakin' awesome sound to it, something like a ultra heavy TAD MOROSE or progressive early MEGADETH, with one of the brightest young singers in the scene right now, in Ty Cook. He quickly makes his presence felt with his emotional low register vocals (a little like Mustaine) or his Dickinson shrieks that sound just as good as the man himself. Its a controlled fury, anger is felt, but is not allowed to just run amok like most bands like to nowadays.

These boys know their weapons of choice well and allow for a great show. Songs are allowed to breathe, letting the listener to fully sink their teeth into every track. Too bad Metal is not popular around these parts, because these boys deserve so much more (the band does not have a euro record deal at the moment). ANTITHESIS is not gonna change the world with this kind of 80's sound, but they will keep a dwindling Metal-tradition alive, something that needs to be done. All hail these boys!!!!!!!!!

Peter Konstantatos

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